Kiwi Muslims campaigning for halal KFC swamped with hate mail

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A Muslim woman campaigning for halal options at KFC in New Zealand has been swamped with hate mail.

A Facebook campaign, run by Syeda Fouzia, has been peppered with abusive comments, including some telling her to "go back to [her] own country".

"This young lady has been in the country how long?" One troll questioned on Facebook.

Another called the religion "stupid superstitious behaviour".

"Young Muslims just enjoy jumping on the bandwagon so they can voice an opinion."

Another, who did not know any Kiwi Muslims but has been vocally against the campaign online, says he fears Muslims will "ram their religion" into New Zealand.

But Ms Fouzia has hit back with kindness.

"We knew some people won't like the idea of halal KFC," she told Stuff.

"To the haters I just want to say bless you and bless your family."

Ms Foudia told Stuff she's unfazed by the comments.

"We are not asking for the whole supply chain to change, just certain [halal] days in certain branches would be fine."

Positive comments far outweigh the negative on the page, with many Muslim and non-Muslim New Zealanders backing the campaign.

"Looking forward to having halal KFC," one commented.

"Me and my family miss it a lot being in New Zealand."

"My 11 year-old girl dreams of having KFC as she never try it before," another said.

KFC trialled halal meat in 2001 but found it too hard to maintain.

The fast-food chain says they have passed the idea on to their team.