Kiwis bend alcohol trading rules by buying on social media

Kiwi liquor store owners are calling on authorities to clamp down on illegal alcohol sales on public holidays.

Shop owners close their trading doors for Christmas Day and other mandatory days, prompting a trend in illegal alcohol sales via social media and internet sites around the country.

The activity has reportedly gained momentum since Easter, with an added uncertainty if proper ID and licensing checks are being administered.

Liquor store owners aren't happy.

"It's not fair for us," one store owner told Newshub.

"The council doesn't allow us to sell alcohol on Christmas Day."

Alcohol Healthwatch executive director Nicki Jackson believes not knowing the legalities around selling alcohol on public holidays is no excuse.

"If you looked around your neighbourhoods on Christmas Day, I think you'd realise that everything is closed.

"So why should be able to sell our most harmful drug on Christmas Day?

"Certainly I think the awareness is there, and this is people trying to make those few extra dollars."

A police spokesperson told Newshub alcohol is only to be sold by those with a liquor licence, and is restricted on three-and-half public holidays, including Christmas.

Anyone identified as being in breach of these restrictions could be liable for fines and/or a suspension of their liquor licence.

But Ms Jackson says that's not enough.

"We can all be vigilant looking at these social media pages. Let's report this to the authorities, and as soon as these sales come on our social media let's report this to the police."