Lower Hutt's brutalist solution to front yard car accidents

A Lower Hutt couple are so fed up with people crashing through their fence, they've put giant concrete blocks in front of it.

Blair and Louise Ansell have had two cars plough into their front yard this year, and say they shouldn't have to fear for the safety of their children when they're playing in their own front yard.

The Naenae residents live on a problematic bend in the road, and want just one thing.

"We just want to feel safe in our home," Ms Ansell says.

The latest car to hurtle through their front fence was around 1am on Boxing Day, demolishing their fence palings and their four-year-old son's football goal.

"It's one of those corners where someone's either going to kill my kids or kill themselves," Mr Ansell says.

Their solution is not exactly subtle - six blocks of concrete, each weighing two tonnes, on their berm. They're not pretty - but that's deliberate.

Mr Ansell says the council are happy for the blocks to be there as a temporary measure.

Hutt City Council is beginning an assessment of the road, to look at options that will reduce the risk, and will work with police to see if speed restrictions will play a part. In the meantime, the blocks are the only protection the Ansells have.

The corner is close to a school, and has no pedestrian crossings or speed-bumps nearby.

The Ansells admit the blocks could be a risk to anyone who hits them, but say the safety of their family comes first.

"So what happens if a car comes around the corner, and took out the tramp, and killed my kids?" Mr Ansell asks.

"Then would people have a problem with concrete blocks out the front? I don't think they would if they had children, I think they'd understand exactly why I've done this."

And the blocks won't be on the berm forever.

"Eventually, we will pull the blocks inside to the fence line. But at the moment they're staying there," Mr Ansell agrees.

The drivers in both incidents were uninsured - leaving the Ansells to pick up the excess twice.

A family member has set up a Givealittle page to help them pay off a very unwanted Christmas bill.