Mark Richardson admits he 'drives slow in the fast lane'

  • 14/12/2017

This story has been amended to reflect that it is against the law to stay in the right hand lane unless overtaking.

Mark Richardson has outraged motorists by saying he typically "drives slow in the fast lane".

On Thursday morning, The AM Show's sportsreader said while on the way home from Hamilton recently, he dawdled in the Waikato Expressway's right-hand lane at a "respectable 95km/h". 

His passenger told him that on a dual carriageway he had to be in the left-hand lane if he wasn't overtaking.

Mark said that was "rubbish", and that he had "every right to be here in the outside lane... It's not the law, it's an advisory in the road code". 

Viewers were quick to send in their responses, with one saying: "Mark, I enjoy you but you have just proven yourself to be a selfish Kiwi driver."

Turns out the law wasn't on Mark's side, as the NZ Road Code does explicitly tell drivers to stay in the left hand lane unless overtaking.  

Mark said he acknowledges that sticking left is the 'courteous' thing to do but he "chooses not to be courteous."