Miracle recovery for family stricken with botulism

  • 03/12/2017

After nearly three weeks in paralysed comas, a family stricken with botulism have now all recovered consciousness.

Shibu Kochummen, wife Subi Babu and mother Alekutty Daniel have been hospitalised in serious condition since mid-November after eating wild boar meat infected with the deadly botulism toxin.

Mr Kochummen and Ms Daniel regained consciousness earlier this week, but it was not until Saturday morning that Ms Babu opened her eyes and asked for her family.

The couple's daughters came to visit Ms Babu, with Mr Kochummen taken by wheelchair to his wife's bedside, NZME reports. 

The trio reportedly still suffer severe after-effects, including heavily slurred speech, but are on the path to recovery. 

The trio were found unconscious by emergency staff at their Putaruru house on November 17, after eating wild boar hunted by Mr Kochummen.

A family friend told NZME: "The biggest thing going through his mind at the moment is how long it's going to take for things to get back to normal again. There's also some fear about whether this will leave any lasting problems."