Napier water crisis: Council workers facing abuse from angry residents

Napier water workers are facing abuse from residents angry about the city's water crisis.

"While we understand that some of you aren't happy with the water restrictions, please don't take your frustrations out on the guys in the frontline," the Napier City Council says.

"They do a helluva job."

There had been concern water would run out on Monday night, but the council says there is still a supply.

However that supply is at a critically low level and a total watering ban has been put in place.

In a media release the council said there had been "extremely heavy water use over the hot weekend".

But residents haven't been very forgiving.

"Maybe on Saturday you should have warned the community instead of a few hours before it was at the worst time," one commented on Facebook.

"We pay your salaries, & we demand service for payment & whoever in charge of water that allowed this to happen should be fired immediately," another said.

Others pointed out it isn't the water workers' fault.

"Sure people be angry, but don't direct that at people who can't change what you are angry about," one person pointed out.

"That's not good these workers are trying to fix the problem."

We're asking our communities to lower their usage in easy, clever ways," Council gardener Shelley Exeter said.

"Reusing the water from rinsing fruit and veg on your garden, putting a cover on the pool, if you have one, that kind of thing.

"Indoors, it's about turning off the tap when brushing teeth and shorter showers."

The council says while the water may look dirty, it is safe to drink.

The low water level in reserves means some dislodged settlement has found its way into the pipes.

Contractors say it should clear quickly.