New Zealand 'Bigot Bingo' in time for Christmas

New Zealand 'Bigot Bingo' in time for Christmas
Photo credit: Reddit

One New Zealand Reddit user has come up with a novel way to make Christmas a little more exciting for those travelling home to visit their folks.

The post entitled 'In preparation for Christmas dinner with my family - enjoy!' shares a game of 'Bigot Bingo' with the online world.

New Zealand 'Bigot Bingo' in time for Christmas
Photo credit: Reddit

Rather than having the 5x5 squares filled with numbers, the squares are filled with things that ones' parents or grandparents might say.

  • "Repeats Don Brash or Winston Peter's opinions as their own"
  • "I'm not racist but..."
  • "Climate change denial"

The aim for the game is to cross a square off every time one of the topics are mentioned.

Some people took the chance to share stories about their families and how they find it difficult to talk to them about all topics.

"I love my family as well but they are a walking National stereotype. Retired to Tauranga, they have a beachfront retirement home, they have a rental here in Dunedin, and they have a summer bach.

"[They] can't understand why my girlfriend and I don't own a home yet and constantly make comments about Jacinda being a horse in a dress... young people are lazy etc, etc, etc," one user commented.

While another said, "I love my family to bits, but yeah they can be difficult to be around, particularly as someone who's openly asexual and queer."


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