New Zealand resident to be extradited for allegedly murdering his family

A New Zealand resident accused of murdering three family members in South Korea is to be extradited. 

Sungkwan Kim appeared in the North Shore District Court on Friday on unrelated charges.

Judge Jonathan Down sentenced the 33-year-old to two months in prison, after he admitted stealing a fridge-freezer, microwave and washing machine, valued at $4100, from the Auckland flat he was living in during 2015.

But Kim is a wanted man at home.

South Korean authorities have sought an arrest warrant in relation to the murder of his mother, stepfather and 14-year-old half-brother, who were stabbed several times in mid-October.

Two of the bodies were found in an apartment, while the other was discovered in the boot of a rented vehicle. Kim allegedly fled to New Zealand just days later. 

"The penalty for murder is the death penalty, but for extradition to occur, both countries must give an undertaking he won't be executed," lawyer Joon Yi told Newshub. "I understand from the Republic of Korea that undertaking has been given."

Justice Minister Andrew Little is expected to sign off on the extradition order by next Friday. 


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