New Zealand's regions now drier than Australian outback

Some New Zealand regions are now receiving less rainfall than the Australian outback.

This disturbing news comes after some of the worst rainfall patterns in over a century.

A NIWA monthly climate summary for November showed we suffered rainfall levels "well below normal" and temperatures "well above average" for many parts of the country.

"Christchurch has just broken its longest dry spell duration, with a run of 46 days with less than 1mm of rain," MetService says.

"The Airport observations started 74 years ago, so this is a very significant record."

Meanwhile, Fiordland has had less rain than Australia's outback over the previous 30 days.

While the West Coast normally receives between 14 and 18 metres of rain a year, some parts have just had more than three weeks without any rainfall.

In comparison, Australia's Northern Territory has been lashed by rain. Some regions of the outback recently recorded over double their normal rainfall average.