Pet hotels: Behind the scenes of peak season

It's the busiest time of the year for catteries and kennels as owners place their precious pets in the hands of caregivers as they head out on holiday.

Many pet owners booked their precious pooches and cats six months ago in order to get a room at the inn and avoid disappointment.

Kevin Molloy's got 100 felines checked into his Greenlane cat hotel over Christmas. This is peak season and he's at maximum capacity.

"We get chocked up until mid-January," he told Newshub.

He's up at 5am for the morning feed and his day won't end until after 5pm in the evening.

"There's a lot of pressure you feel... people's pride and joy... big responsibility - make sure they come out okay."

Mr Molloy knows all his guests by name, as you have to get things right in his business - these cats demand only the best.

Talking about pampered pets, it doesn't get much fancier than these kennels, with the hefty prices not deterring dedicated dog owners.

Anne Brennan from Pets in the City daycare told Newshub: "Even last week we had people ringing wanting to know if they could book in, and sadly we couldn't get everyone in. We've had an extensive waitlist for quite some time."

The daycare is no flea pit, but rather a five-star experience for dogs. The top rate is $65, which will get you full board and breakfast, a room with a view. Checkout is at 11 am.

Seventy dogs will call these plush kennels home over the next few weeks. Each pet stays an average of seven to 10 days.

They're already booked well into the new year, with no vacancies for the Easter break.

"We just advise people when they are picking up from one holiday, would you like to book for the next holiday in advance so it's all done and dusted?" Ms Brennan says.

But at 65 years old and after more than 30 years as a cat hotelier, this just might be Mr Molloy's last Christmas in the business.

"I've thought to walk away, but at the moment I have Christmas and new year to get through." 

It's no rest for those who babysit our beloved pets.


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