Schoolboys band together to help peers in need for Christmas

Teenage boys are the most neglected when it comes to Salvation Army donations, and this year a group of schoolboys set out to change that.

Rongotai College students in Wellington have banded together to bring Christmas cheer to their peers who are less fortunate.

They put together hundreds of donations for Salvation Army care packages for their school's social action day.

The most popular gift chosen by the boys was Lynx deoderant. There were dozens of cans of it.

If you're wondering what to buy a teenage boy for Christmas, here's the list: there's Lynx, razors, sweets, Nerf guns, action figures and more Lynx.

Student Jack Crawford said "It's a good bunch of stuff and I think everyone will be pretty happy to get this. Few of the boys were joking they might try and knick, some of this."

The gifts will be passed on to families struggling to afford presents, especially for teenagers.

The Salvation Army says they are the most neglected group when it comes to Christmas donations.

"The teenage years, boys and girls tend to get missed out. And boys in particular are probably the smallest group of that, so to have something focussed on them is absolutely fantastic," David Smith said. 

Teacher Louise Richards was the brains behind the idea and says her students have been awesome.

"I've been so humbled by the brotherhood that's been shown by our boys in their generosity and by the local community as well."

Principal Kevin Carter is proud of the students, and hopes it brings a merry Christmas to young people in the area.

The teen care packages are now off in their station wagon sleigh, where they'll be distributed from the Salvation Army's Hope Centre in Newtown just in time for Christmas.