The Kiwis celebrating a white Christmas - in Antarctica

The team down at Antarctica have got in early to celebrate Christmas Day.

Scientists are spending the festivities on the ice as part of a two-day break on the white continent.

Base services supervisor Tessa Walsh says they've got quite the holiday planned.

"We do a trip to a place called the Square Frame, which is like a bach about a couple of kilometres out of here, close to a ski field we have set up. It's really fun."

Kiwis at Scott Base, Antarctica.
Kiwis at Scott Base, Antarctica. Photo credit: Supplied

She says they also have a traditional Kiwi Christmas, with ham and salmon on the menu.

"We're doing Christmas brunch followed by lunch - ham, salmon and all sorts of things like that. And a Secret Santa."

 The weather down south is "really warm", apparently - though not quite the summer most of us are used to.

"I think it's minus 6degC today, which is quite balmy for us. No wind really makes a difference. As soon as there's any wind, it gets to like minus 15degC."

It's expected to be a properly warm Christmas in New Zealand, with a few spots also likely to get rain.