Thousands of pests 'removed' from Wellington

  • 23/12/2017

Wellingtonians are planting more trees and trapping more predators of native animals than any other city, conservationists say.

The capital's residents have planted nearly 350,000 native trees, while conservation groups are busy trapping predators in backyards in almost all of the city's 25 suburbs.

Councillor and Predator Free Wellington member Andy Foster says about 5000 households were participating in backyard trapping, contributing tens of thousands of volunteer hours.

"At the most recent count, over 13,000 rats, mice, weasels and stoats have been collectively removed, which is great news for native birds, lizards and insects," he said.

He said the predator free project would strengthen the economy, tourism and natural biodiversity.

It was set up as a partnership between the Wellington City and Greater Wellington Regional councils and the NEXT Foundation, which has a 10-year, $100 million budget to invest in environmental and educational programmes.