Top psychic predictions for 2018

After another tumultuous year, Newshub once again turns to Kerry-Marie Callander - one of New Zealand's leading psychics - for insight into what 2018 may bring.  

So, what's in store for Jacinda Ardern and the Labour Government?

Last year, when I spoke to Newshub, I sensed a dark-haired woman who would come through and lead the country, and at the time it didn't quite make sense to me, but of course now it does.

She's very determined and I sense a few males in opposition to her. She's going to do very well though, much better than people expect.

I sense her focus is very much on family and home.

Next year is going to be all about the heart and she's the perfect person to lead us through that, because she comes from the heart and wants to make the world a better place.

What's in store for Bill English?

Bill doesn't want to get sour. In my prediction for Bill last year, I said he was going to get burnt out this year and it seems to have happened.

What I sense now is that the heat has been put on him and he may have a few regrets.

On the other hand, he sees this as a storm to weather. There may be other leaders out there looking for his position, but he isn't ready to go yet.

For the National Party as a whole, they're putting up their feet and having a little holiday, and will wait to see what happens.

Donald Trump and America?

The sense I get from Donald Trump is that he wants to be a dictator. He's going to cause a tug-of-war between different powers and people.

He's going to get a bit isolated, trapped behind dishonesty perhaps. He's going to get tied up in some way.

I get a sense of giving someone enough rope to hang themselves with. I don't feel confident with Donald Trump at all.

How about New Zealand at the Commonwealth Games?

We're going to really surprise the country and the world. Look out for our young men - particularly in the track events, I see a young man doing exceptionally, as well as fencing.

And how will the environment fare?

This is always tricky - I'm not Nostradamus, nor do I claim to be.

When I sense the environment, next year I feel the sky. Storms, bad weather... these are the things I feel.

Tumultuous events will come from the sky and not the earth. This could, in turn, affect the oceans, so that's definitely something to look out for.

Anything else you think people should know about?

It's a year of hope and coming together. People who have been alone may be meeting new people - new marriages and new relationships and new commitments.

This is going to reach into the business sector, with more partnerships and more coming together in business as well.

People who push against that and want to act selfishly may not find any success next year - 2018 is all about the heart.  

And just for fun, who will win the Russian FIFA World Cup?

Ha ha, you've got me there! I feel a vague sense of orange, red and surprise coming from Russia, but other than that, no idea!


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