Top tips to keep your house cool over summer

As a heat wave rages across the country Kiwis are looking for ways to cool down their homes.

Nelson Lebo, eco design advisor from Palmerston North City Council joined Three's The Project to discuss how New Zealanders can reduce the temperature without breaking the bank.

Here's his five tips to stay cool:

  1. Make sure your ceilings are insulated - insulation can help keep out the suns heat
  2. Ensure you don't have too much west facing glazing
  3. Plant some deciduous trees in the left side of your home - they'll have leaves in summer to keep out the sun but not over winter when you need the light
  4. Turn your fans around, face them towards an open window so they can blow the hot air out of the house
  5. Keep the windows open overnight and then close them in the morning to try and hold in the cold air

Watch the video for the full The Project interview.