Tourists at Tekapo church ruining weddings and funerals

Tourists are ruining wedding days in Tekapo by pushing their way in to the famous Church of the Good Shepherd during services, all in the name of a good holiday snap.

Mackenzie District Mayor Graham Smith told RNZ some of the tourists know no limits, verbally abusing those using the church - even when funerals are on.

"I've heard that a couple of weddings had been cancelled at the church because no-one will give people a bit of privacy."

The Mackenzie District Council is now taking steps to limit access to the church when weddings and church services are being held.

The council has applied for $290,000 in funding from the Government to build a rock wall around the church, RNZ reports, and to move the parking area to a ten minute walk away. It's hoped a decision can be made within the coming weeks.

A temporary fence will be erected in the interim.