Unused Fly Buys points? Now they can go to a good cause

New Zealand's largest loyalty programme, Fly Buys, is giving people the chance to help those in need. 

Spare Fly Buys points can be donated to various charities such as VOYCE - Whakarongo Mai. The charity supports children in care and threw a Christmas party in Auckland on Saturday.

Christmas has come early for the kids attending; they're the first to receive gifts through the Points for Purpose programme.

By going to the Points for Purpose website you can choose the cause you care about and then select a gift.

VOYCE is one of the charities taking those points and turning them into presents.

"As somebody who has lots of leftover Fly Buys points myself, I had a pretty good idea that people would like the opportunity to utilise their Fly Buys points," says Dr Ainsleigh Cribb-Su'a, VOYCE's CEO.

"It's an opportunity to step into the lives of these young people who have had adverse experiences in their life and just make them feel special for a moment."

VOYCE board member Zak Quor, who spent some time in care, says bringing children together is also really important.

"To be able to be part of a community of people who are quite similar to you, if not exactly like you, and to get rid of that one thing that generally sets you apart and just be a young person, hanging out with other young people - that's pretty cool."

VOYCE formed early this year and says it's working on changing perceptions.

"The stigma of being a child in care is one that's unnecessary," says Dr Cribb-Su'a.

The Christmas party also drew a very special guest, Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern.

"It's a fantastic initiative, and I think if all of us look for ways that we can give back, particularly to kids in need, kids that may not have the support around them that we would want them to have at Christmas, what a wonderful country it would be," she says.

The Points for Purpose initiative has just been launched, but already there are plans for VOYCE to help the 5700 children in care throughout the country, and not just at Christmas.