Video: Friendly penguin hops across road, stops traffic in Bluff

An adventurous penguin has been filmed crossing a busy road in Bluff.

Local Dee Clark took the video while she was taking a walk to Stirling Point, the southernmost tip of New Zealand and a popular penguin sighting destination.

The tiny flightless bird can be seen hopping across a road as several cars drive slowly past. The penguin then approaches a man squatting on the pavement, before wandering past to check out some of the surrounding houses.

"Everybody round here's got one," remarks the man in the video. "I'm just letting him off his leash."

The small creature looks like it could be a Fiordland crested penguin, a species whose population is on the decline. 

The penguins frequently breed near roads and are often the victims of hit-and-runs. Fiordland cresteds also tend to be timid, which is certainly not the case for this inquisitive explorer.