Why Duncan Garner was nearly replaced on The AM Show this morning

Duncan Garner left producers panicking on Tuesday morning when he slept in, nearly missing The AM Show.

The host, who normally arrives at work at 3am, didn't wake up until after 5am - "53 minutes away from starting the programme," he told the show.

"I stuffed up big time this morning. I was so close to not being here for the programme which for some of you would be devastating. For others, music to your ears.

"But anyway I woke up this morning, only by accident, at five minutes past five.

"And as I woke up there was a knock on the door and I was thinking oh, okay, breakfast is being delivered.

"And it was one of our colleagues."

He says his colleague got "a bit of a fright" to find Garner topless and bewildered.

"I slept in. I slept right through my alarm because my alarm wasn't set."

By that stage, replacement host Mark Sainsbury had already been called in to the studio and was waiting on standby.

Garner's excuse? He's "buggered" from a long year on-air.

"For the first time in 20 years I do the mornings rather than the afternoons and evenings so it's been a massive cultural shift for me."

Co-host Amanda Gilles called it a "rookie mistake".

"I realised your car wasn't there when I arrived. It got to about quarter past four and I said to Reuben, our executive producer - anyone heard from Duncan?

"Then Reuben looked at the time and was like, 'oh shoot'."

Mark Richardson expressed disappointment Garner made it.

"Me and Sainso we were tight, man. We were good to go and all of a sudden we heard you were coming and it was like, oh."

Garner says he tried to play it cool when he arrived.

"I thought, everyone's going to laugh at me here and nobody likes to be laughed at."

Don't worry Duncan - we've all been there.