Advice for Clarke Gayford, soon to be New Zealand's highest-profile stay-at-home dad

With the announcement that Prime Minister Jacinda Ardern is pregnant, partner Clarke Gayford is poised to become a high-profile ambassador for stay-at-home dads in New Zealand.

And men's support group Rad Dads has some advice for him - don't be afraid to make some mistakes and learn from them.

No pressure.

Today Ms Ardern and Mr Gayford revealed they were expecting their first child in June, and the Prime Minister planned to return to work six weeks after the birth.

The primary responsibility for bringing up their offspring will fall to Mr Gayford, and he and baby will accompany the Prime Minister on her travels wherever possible.

"We recognise that we are very lucky and very privileged that we're in a position where, like so many other parents, we'll be juggling the caring roles," said Ms Ardern.

"But we are privileged and lucky that Clarke will be able to do that full-time."

Rad Dads founder Greg Buckley warns there will be no shortage of 'experts' offering their counsel.

"When you become a parent, you are the subject of a thousand opinions and views on how to do things," says Mr Buckley. 

"My single biggest piece of advice would be to do it your own way.

"Take it all with a grain of salt. At the end of the day, it's your genetics, your DNA and your kid."

While Rad Dads has been in existence for five years, it went public last year, in the hope of offering support to fathers who were struggling to fulfil their parenting roles.

"They're not always going to get it right, but on balance, they're doing the right things," says Mr Buckley.

Today's announcement will highlight the increasing importance of the stay-at-home dads' duties and how modern parenting requires flexibility.

"It's great that this will shine a spotlight on that role and how important it is," says Mr Buckley.

"They have come out with a plan in place, so the country won't come to a standstill. They're approaching the parenting thing from a team perspective.

"This is almost an historic event - I wouldn't imagine a situation like this happening too often.

"From a male perspective, Clarke now has a massive role to fill and a unique opportunity to do that with a Kiwi flavour."