Auckland Council wants to sell Penny Bright's house

Auckland Council is pushing ahead with the sale of veteran activist Penny Bright's house to recover 10 years of unpaid rates.

Proceeds from the sale of her Kingsland cottage will be used to recover $34,000 in unpaid rates and penalties, as well as $20,000 in court costs.

The Council says Ms Bright has declined a meeting to resolve the matter, and it has now asked the High Court to commence the sale process.

"Taking enforcement action to recover unpaid rates is the last resort and happens very rarely," says Auckland Council's Acting Group Chief Financial Officer Matthew Walker.

"While we would prefer not to have reached this point, the council needs to be fair to the thousands of Aucklanders who do pay their rates or have a payment plan in place."

Ms Bright has refused to pay rates since 2007, saying she would not pay until the council was clearer about where her money was going.


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