Auckland cyclist captures incredibly close pass from motorist on video

An Auckland cyclist has captured on video the terrifying moment a car passed him with barely any room to spare.

Auckland University lecturer Rhys Jones posted video of his close call with a station wagon to Twitter.

In the video, the driver appears to be giving Dr Jones a metre or less of space - far below the 1.5 metres the NZTA advises drivers to allow for safety.

Dr Jones was heading down Kohimarama Rd in east Auckland at the time of the incident, shortly after 4pm on Thursday afternoon.

He cycles down that road around 3-4 times per week as part of his commute and told Newshub this was the first time he had experienced such behaviour on that stretch of road.

Dr Jones, who says he was travelling at around 40 km/h, thinks it may have been a malicious act.

"[It] felt intentional," he tweeted.

"I know left hand bends are problematic - drivers find it almost impossible to resist taking 'racing lines' - but that was really, uncomfortably close."

He says while he can't know for sure the driver was out to scare him, considering the amount of room on the other side it seemed too close for comfort.

Dr Jones thinks its possible to lessen the chance of such incidents occurring through the use of separated cycle ways.

Police have been notified of the incident via the community road watch form.