Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is fired up over illegal rubbish dumping

Auckland Mayor Phil Goff is angry about incidents of illegal dumping across the city.

A huge pile of rubbish appeared almost overnight in Mt Wellington, and it's not the only one to appear seemingly spontaneously.

Project hosts Kanoa Lloyd and Mark Richardson said changes to the inorganic collection system could be a reason for the dumping.

In 2015 the system changed from leaving unwanted household items on the side of the road, to residents needing to call and book a collection.

However Mr Goff said that was not good enough and there was no excuse for illegal dumping.

"Don't come to me and say that these people that dump tyres and oil barrels on the side of the road are doing it because it's all too hard for them to find out how to get rid of it," he told Three's The Project

"I just don't accept that as an excuse, these people have got to be held responsible for their own irresponsibility."

Watch the video for the full The Project interview.