Christchurch eatery Bamboozle slammed over 'racist' menu names

The menu features names like "Ho Lee Kok" and "Chirri Garrik an Prawn Dumpring".
The menu features names like "Ho Lee Kok" and "Chirri Garrik an Prawn Dumpring". Photo credit: Bamboozle / Screenshot

A Christchurch restaurant has been slammed as racist to Asians over its "sick" menu names.

An image of the food available at Asian fusion eatery Bamboozle was posted to Twitter on Tuesday, igniting a firestorm of controversy.

The menu features names like "Ho Lee Kok", "Eja Ku Rait", and "Chirri Garrik an Prawn Dumpring".

The items have been criticised as "super juvenile racist trash", with calls for it to be reported to the Human Rights Commission.

"This is disgusting and embarrassing, but then again it is Chch so I'm not really surprised," one person commented.

Others said they find the names amusing and want people to stop complaining.

"Get the hell over it. It's funny, this is the problem with you d**kheads, ruin the fun for most people," one angry person said.

Restaurant owner Phillip Kraal has defended his menu, saying it's a hit with customers.

"Pretty much every one of our customers enjoys the written menu as part of their overall experience and often express disappointment when items are removed with seasonal menu changes. But we appreciate the feedback and are actively considering it," he told NZME.

Google reviews for the restaurant are mixed, with many negative reviews pointing out their disappointment with the menu.


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