Collision at sea leaves one surfer in bloody water

A young surfer was left bleeding in the water, after a run-in with another wave rider at the country's best-known surf spot last Wednesday.

Manu Bay in Raglan is famous for its surfing, but a collision at sea hospitalised one surfer, after he was struck by another's board.

Matti Thorley Symes, a friend of the victim, told Newshub that another surfer "charged" at his friend with the "pointy end of his board". 

The altercation left the young man, who has asked to remain unnamed, with a severe gash underneath his arm.

He was then allegedly verbally abused by the other surfer, who reportedly yelled: "You better not have damaged my board!"

The victim was taken to a doctor by his friend and is said to be recovering well. 

"We have a very unique surf break and it's very easily accessible, where your ability doesn't always necessarily dictate whether or not you can enter and negotiate the lineup," local surfer Luke Hughes told Newshub. 

He said it could "frustrating" when one surfer was respectful of others, but did not have that respect reciprocated. 

Mr Hughes and other locals at the Raglan beach, where the incident took place, are now warning novice surfers to know the rules before getting in the water, and are hoping to teach surfing etiquette to novice surfers and tourists.