Couple denied Auckland property for not being Asian

  • 23/01/2018

A Kiwi couple has complained to the Human Rights commission after being denied an Auckland property because they weren't Asian.

The pair, aged in their 30s, applied for the two-bedroom property in Highland Park last week, NZME reports.

But after two viewings the Chinese owners denied them the property, because of their race and maritial status.

"This is not on," one of the unsuccessful applicants told NZME.

"I treat everybody fairly. It doesn't matter what race you are, I take people at face value."

The couple never met the owner, but the letting agent they worked with told NZME she was not notified a complaint had been laid.

She said there were a number of reasons they didn't get the property, including the fact they weren't married, had a cat and had kids staying every weekend.

"The other tenants also happened to be Asian, and they felt if anything were to happen - like if a window was to break - they felt more comfortable because they can speak to them in their own language."

The landlord also explained the other applicant had "a more secure set up".

It is illegal under the Human Rights Act to deny a person tenancy because of gender, marital status, religious belief, race, ethnic origin, disability, age, political opinion, employment status, family status and sexual orientation.