Destiny Church defends Brian Tamaki's 'hot pastor' remark

Destiny Church defends Brian Tamaki's 'hot pastor' remark
Photo credit: Newshub.

Destiny Church has defended Brian Tamaki referring to himself as a "hot pastor" - and has explained what he really meant by the phrase.

"Super-size your faith in a hot church with a hot preacher!" the self-proclaimed church bishop posted to Facebook, alongside a photo of himself.

But the post wasn't meant to be taken literally, spokeswoman for the church Anne Williamson says.

"A 'hot church' is a vibrant, alive church, energetic about the purposes of God," she explained to Newshub.

"In context a hot preacher is really 'hot for God', you would say - current, alive.

"It's someone who preaches the word of god strongly and accurately."

It seems some commenters on the Facebook post didn't understand its real meaning.

"It's not about the looks it's about the way you deliver Jesus," one commented.

"Vanity = pride, pride = sin," another said, before quoting Proverbs 16:5: "Everyone that is proud in heart is an abomination to the Lord."

Others came to the support of Mr Tamaki, giving praise to the preacher.