Dog trapped in hot car in Cornwall Park

Dog trapped in hot car in Cornwall Park
Photo credit: Facebook/ Buy, Sell, Trade - Auckland

Auckland residents were shocked to discover a young dog left trapped in a hot car on Saturday afternoon.

Dogs have limited ability to manage heat in their bodies and can often die if left to fend for themselves in cars during hot temperatures.

On Saturday afternoon an Auckland resident discovered the dog in the back of a Toyota Hilux parked at the Cornwall Cricket Club across the road from the ASB Showgrounds.

The dog looked distressed and was in a small cage in the boot of the car. According to the man who discovered the dog it was crying from stress due to the heat.

He managed to open a side window to the car and gave the dog some water before posting to the Buy/Sell/Trade - Auckland group asking if the owner could return to the car.

The post quickly spread across Facebook, making its way to Stand Up Auckland Dog Owners, and received dozens of shares and comments.

A later post to Buy/Sell/Trade - Auckland said the SPCA arrived and the dog was removed from the car.