Dunedin boy pogo sticks up Baldwin St - world's steepest street

Dunedin boy Harry Willis has jumped his way up the world's steepest street in the name of charity. 

What started out as a "silly idea" became a goal for the 11-year-old, who decided to pogo stick up Baldwin St to raise money for Ronald McDonald House. 

The charity housed him and his family when his four-year-old sister Darcie was in the child cancer ward at Christchurch Hospital for six months. 

Last year, Darcie was diagnosed with a highly aggressive form of Burkitt's lymphoma - a fast-growing cancer of the lymphatic system.  

She is now at home in good health and no longer receiving treatment. 

Fuelled up on a can of Coke, Mars bar and a apple, Harry pogo-sticked up the world's steepest street surrounded by keen supporters, friends and family on Thursday morning.

"It was a lot harder than I thought," he said.

The worst part of it all was "the bit at the end" because it was the steepest, he said. 

"I started getting the stitches... the Mars bar helped but not the Coke, it was giving me a stitch." 

Harry's grandmother Dianne Willis came all the way over from Brisbane to support her grandson. 

"He was talking about it 21 months ago that one day he was going to do it and here he is and made his dream come true.

"I do feel proud and it's such a worthy cause."

She said it showed how much people valued and appreciated Ronald McDonald House in Christchurch.

Darcie said her big brother had done "pretty good". 

His mother, Cheryl, was also "very proud".

"It kind of started off as a bit of a joke and he thought maybe I could pogo stick up Baldwin St. 

"That sort of silly idea turned to a fundraiser."

She said the fundraiser had surpassed all her expectations and she was "very proud" of Harry's achievement.

"Ronald McDonald House played such a huge monumental role in Darcie's recovery - being able to have family come and stay all the time while we were in hospital.

"It was a big thing for my boys because I was literally taken away from them overnight. It's good that he can acknowledge them and say thank you."

So far Harry has raised more than $7000 for Ronald McDonald House. 

And would he do it again? 

Yes. But only for fun, Harry said. 




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