Earthquake felt in Canterbury

Earthquake felt in Canterbury
Photo credit: Getty

A light earthquake has been felt 15km to the east of Christchurch.

Geonet confirmed the magnitude 4.0 earthquake struck at 1:22pm on Tuesday afternoon.

The quake was 24km deep and more than 1500 people have reported feeling the shaking to Geonet.

Twitter users noticed the quake, although few referred to it as anything other than light.

"Wobble wobble #eqnz disagreement in the workroom over whether there was a quake or not!" one user wrote.

"That was a small #eqnz," said another.

According to Geonet, most people who reported the quake called the shaking weak, while others referred to it as light.

Fewer than 100 people reported the shaking as moderate in strength.