Person killed after tree falls on car in Rotorua

A person who was inside a vehicle when a tree collapsed on it in Rotorua has died, police have confirmed.

The tree's collapse is believed to have been caused by severe weather in the region, which has brought rain and gale-force winds.

The tree, located at the intersection of Arawa and Amohia St in the Rotorua city centre, fell at 10:45am on Friday morning.

It also fell on a building on Arawa St, but all those inside it are uninjured, police have confirmed. The person in the car was its sole occupant.

Arawa St has been cordoned off and diversions put in place as emergency services survey the scene and attempt to remove her from the vehicle.

About eight police cars and an ambulance are currently there, according to NZME.

Earlier on Friday, a tree fell on a car in Rotorua's Redwood Forest, but there is not thought to have been anyone inside.

Person killed after tree falls on car in Rotorua
Photo credit: Brad Hemingway / Newshub.

A tree also fell across Sala St and two on Long Mile Rd in Rotorua, police say. Both those roads are blocked.

They are asking people to avoid unnecessary travel in the area if possible, or if they must drive, to take extreme care.

Police are also warning about the threat of coastal inundation, with people told to avoid low-lying roads and areas close to the ocean.