Families of Erebus victims condemn new Air New Zealand safety video

Some families of the victims of the Erebus disaster are condemning Air New Zealand's latest safety video, which is filmed in Antarctica.

Two-hundred and fifty-seven people died when an Air New Zealand plane plunged into Mt Erebus in 1979.

Jayne Holtham lost her father in the crash, and says it doesn't make sense.

"The very nature of a safety video where there was such an incredible disaster that affected the entire country is just weird.

"This sort of feels like it's regressing a little bit, taking away some of the respect of the area."

Ms Holtham says it's odd the airline didn't consult families before making the safety video.

"Other safety videos are very light-hearted and sort of taking the piss, and for this safety video to be down near Erebus, what's this one going to be like?"

Air New Zealand says the video will highlight the importance of Antarctica in understanding global climate change. It will profile the work of scientists on the frozen continent.

It wrote to the families advising them of the new video, but only after it had already been shot.

"The Erebus tragedy weighs heavily on Air New Zealand and our country, and we would like to assure you we have approached filming in a very respectful way," the letter said.

Nicholas Bennett, who lost his father in the tragedy, told Stuff he found it "offensive and very disrespectful".

"I think the only reason they do that Antarctic research is just PR for what happened."

The video will be released in March.