From Kings to Otahuhu - how much you'll pay for a school uniform

Families struggling to afford back-to-school costs face shelling out hundreds of dollars for school uniforms.

Newshub looked at the range of prices for new school wear required across the Auckland region.

If you need a school blazer you could end up paying over twice as much at Kings compared to Manurewa High School, at $302 vs $130.

But there's good news for the students at Kings, one of Auckland's most expensive and exclusive schools.

Their bucket hats are cheaper that both Manurewa and Otahuhu College - $12 compared to $20.


The official Kings bucket hat is one of the cheapest available, at only $12.

However other clothing is dramatically more expensive. Regulation grey shorts are $70, summer dress shorts are $52.5 while a college tracksuit will set you back $200.

College grey trousers are $98 and grey summer shirts are $60. You'll need three of them though.

Finally, the Kings blazer will cost $302. Then again, if you can afford Kings the sticker price shouldn't worry you.

Manurewa High School

Manurewa High School trousers are a mere $55. The winter jacket will set you back $102, the blazer $130, and the senior shirt only $45.

However the Manurewa High School bucket hat is $20.

Auckland Grammar School

Auckland Grammar School's shirts and shorts are $50 and $73 respectively.

After that things get more pricey. The jersey is $105 and the Grammar jacket $100. PE shorts and shirt are $110 together.

Otahuhu College

Uniform prices at Otahuhu College are some of the cheapest in Auckland

Senior boy's trousers are only $60, while their shorts are $50.

In a similar price range are the jacket, $50, and short sleeve white shirt - only $45 to $50.

Finally, the bucket hat is $20.


Overall, Westlake isn't too bad for its uniform prices.

A white short sleeved shirt is $40, while the school's grey shorts are $55. The trousers will cost you $75.

More expensive items include the school jacket -$130 - and the school blazer - $195.