Glittery March report a 'misunderstanding', organiser says

The organiser of a women's rights march is pushing back on suggestions she's making money from the event.

The Glittery March for Consent kicks off at 9:30am in Auckland's Victoria Park on Sunday.

It was inspired by an incident at the Rhythm and Vines festival over the new year, in which attendee Madeline Anello-Kitzmiller was groped while topless.

In a Facebook post, Ms Anello-Kitzmiller disputed a report on Saturday which claimed a British media company helped her found the march.

On Saturday The Wireless, owned by RNZ, quoted Ms Anello-Kitzmiller as saying the idea for the march was from Caters, a media company which supplies images and video to various news organisations and tabloids around the world.

"Caters is a news agency that is helping put together the march," she said, adding that she had "signed herself over" to the company. She also said the original idea pitched to her was to walk down Queen St "with a couple of friends" wearing nothing but body paint.

Ms Anello-Kitzmiller later said her comments were a "misunderstanding".

"When I said they were helping me organise the event, I simply meant I was asking for their advice. They were not organising it with me."

On Facebook, she said the Wireless article was "wrongly released" and she would not be making any money from the march, despite a fellow organiser's plan to sell glitter and body paint at the event.

"The money being raised through glittering strictly covers the cost of the glitter (it's all biodegradable) and then everything else is being donated to a charity."

The charity to benefit hasn't yet been decided.

Ms Anello-Kitzmiller says anyone who doesn't want to be photographed at the march should contact her.

Caters denied to the Wireless it was involved in the march at all.

Both Ms Anello-Kitzmiller and Caters have been approached by Newshub for comment.


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