Hamilton company Pacific Aerospace to be sentenced for breaking North Korean sanctions

A Hamilton-based aircraft company will be sentenced on Monday for supplying plane parts to North Korea.

Pacific Aerospace pleaded guilty in October to breaching United Nations sanctions.

The company was also charged for erroneously filling out a Customs form.

Pacific Aerospace initially denied knowing what one of its planes was doing in North Korea when it was spotted during an air show in 2016.

"We're trying to get some answers about what that all means," chief executive Damian Camp told Newshub at the time.

He said the plane was sold to Chinese company Free Sky earlier that year, but was adamant no sanctions had been broken.

"We can't restrict people from flying where they want to fly. No doubt they're trying to build some profile about their company… in the local market."

An investigation began almost immediately, and charges were laid in August last year after emails were found which indicated the company knew its planes and parts were going to North Korea. In October the company pleaded guilty.

Sentencing will take place in the Manukau District Court.