'Hot preacher': Brian Tamaki using looks to lure church members

  • 24/01/2018

Brian Tamaki is trying to encourage people to join his church based on his looks.

"Super-size your faith in a hot church with a hot preacher!" the Destiny Church bishop posted to Facebook earlier this month.

He added a reading from the bible, Romans 10:14: "And how shall they hear without a preacher?"

The post included a photo of the self-proclaimed hottie standing side-on with a microphone and laughing.

It comes despite lust and pride being two of the 'deadly sins' - habits said to be among the worst evils, according to the bible.

Many people shared the post, some supporting Mr Tamaki - but others questioning why a church pastor would focus on looks rather than the word of God.

The church leader has faced a fair amount of controversy over the years, hitting media headlines in 2016 for a sermon where he claimed gays and lesbians were the cause of the Kaikoura earthquake.

"No other sin in the whole of the bible has any connection to earthquakes, floods and volcanic eruptions, but sexual perversions alone," he later said in a statement.

Last year White Ribbon pulled its support for a women's rights march in the city as they felt the event had been hijacked by Destiny Church.

"We're really concerned about some of the messages from Destiny's Church," said campaign manager Rob McCann. "We don't want to see the queer community ostracised in any way or form."

Destiny Church's Brian Tamaki denied he was homophobic and said there were people from the gay community on the church stage on Saturday.

"I don't believe I'm homophobic at all, not at all. I have beliefs and opinions. I hold those strongly as a minister."