Hot weather kills Christchurch woman with multiple sclerosis

She overheated in Wednesday's high temperatures.
She overheated in Wednesday's high temperatures. Photo credit: AAP

The Chief Coroner is warning people with multiple sclerosis to take care in the heat, after a woman died in Christchurch on Wednesday.

The woman, who was in her early 60s, died from hyperthermia, after overheating in high temperatures.

People living with multiple sclerosis can struggle to control their body's temperature in hot weather.

Judge Deborah Marshall advises people with multiple sclerosis, or with other illnesses that make them susceptible to overheating, to keep an eye on any symptoms that may be worsening in the hot weather.

"Following this death, I feel it is important to remind people of the dangers of overheating due to the high temperatures expected in the coming days and to take all necessary precautions," she says.

People can contact their regional MS society, should they require further information and support.