How Americans see New Zealand revealed in controversial post

Bad internet, no fashion sense and a lack of black people - what Americans really think of us has been revealed online.

Entitled "worthless observations from an American tourist", the Reddit thread details the culture shock an anonymous US visitor faced, trying to understand Kiwiana and our country. Here are some of the top observations.

  • Kiwis really love to say "aw yee?" and "yea yea yea", which together comprise 25 percent of the Kiwi language
  • You guys loved Lord of the Rings, so much you put the tower in the middle of Auckland
  • For some reason, you guys love coffee and are really good at it. The best latte of my life was on a ferry (or as you guys call it, a fee ree), it was honestly amazing
  • You guys don't have any black people, except for the one homeless guy I saw rapping outside McDonald's in Wellington
  • Fish and chips are really good, and also chips are just really big french fries
  • Your internet is really, really, really, really bad. Most cafes in the US, as well as accommodations, give you fast internet for free. You guys are like 1/4th as fast, and you have to pay
  • Maybe it was because you were all on holiday, but I didn't see any fashion - everything was for function and comfort. This was pretty cool to see

The opinions have outraged several commenters, who have stuck up for New Zealand.

"Wow. Just wow. What on Earth did I just read?" one retorted. "Oh yeah, a pointless wall of text that would have been better suited to staying inside your head."

Another said: "NZ didn't tend to import slaves from Africa, so that's not surprising."

But others agreed with the poster's comments.

"Last point is true - New Zealanders have zero fashion sense," they replied.