Josh Thomson brought to tears on The Project talking about his mother's passing

Comedian Josh Thomson has shared his emotional story about why you should call your parents, tearing up as he described the difficulty of losing his mother.

Many people may be thinking about how often they drop a line to mum and dad, following the announcement the United Kingdom will appoint a minister for loneliness.

Loneliness has been proven to have negative effects on people's health, leading to high blood pressure, dementia and early mortality.

After hearing about website Mycare's work to alleviate loneliness in elderly people The Project guest host Ali Mau mentioned it may be hard to call parents as often as recommended, but Mr Thomson provided his reason you should stay in touch.

He said when he left university he found himself too busy to call his parents and his mother passed away soon after.

"When I left uni I was so busy trying to find my way in life and trying to call my parents with good stories that I actually didn't call them that much and then lost my mum and it was very sad," he said.

After his mother's passing Mr Thomson and his family established a rule that his father had to keep in touch every day via email.

He says initially it was difficult and "horrifically boring" but now he loves getting the emails of his father's exploits, such as his current project of building large air cannon to shoot frozen rats into the sea.