Judge sends jandal-wearing defendants home

Judge sends jandal-wearing defendants home

A judge has sent seven jandal-wearing defendants home to get changed before their hearings.

"You're in a courtroom, not a beach," Judge Michael Turner from the Alexandra District Court told the group, who were wearing jandals, shorts and singlets on Thursday.

"I know it's got hot outside, but there are certain standards that need to be maintained,'' he told one defendant, NZME reports.

Lawyers were telling their clients to either go home and change or go to the nearby Warehouse to buy new clothes.

NZME says one defendant returned unchanged, because she couldn't afford new clothes - but Judge Turner said no exceptions would be made.

The Ministry of Justice says everyone appearing in court "should wear appropriate clothing".

"You should dress as smartly and tidily as you can for court," the ministry's website reads.

The New Zealand Law Society says "a more individual style of dress" is acceptable in the District Courts, "but the way you dress should still show respect".

The website recommends a dark suit or skirt, a tie for men and covered shoulders for women.