Kim Dotcom marries girlfriend and sues Government for 'multibillion-dollar damages' on same day

Kim Dotcom marries girlfriend and sues Government for 'multibillion-dollar damages' on same day
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Kim Dotcom has a packed day to mark the sixth anniversary of his arrest - getting married and launching new legal proceedings against the New Zealand Government.

Dotcom, who ran the file-sharing site MegaUpload, was arrested on January 20, 2012, for alleged copyright infringement, racketeering and money laundering.

Dozens of police officers and helicopters were involved in the early morning raid of Dotcom's Coatesville home. Since then he has been fighting extradition to the United States from New Zealand.

On Saturday, he took to Twitter to say he is going to turn the anniversary of the raid into a happy memory.

"I have a habit of turning bad anniversaries into good anniversaries by doing beautiful things that outshine bad events," he said.

"January 20 will always be a special day in my life. I turned it into a day of joy. Flood the darkness with light."

Dotcom will be marrying his girlfriend Liz Donnelly, calling her his "Wonder Woman" on Twitter.

He also announced via Twitter on Saturday he would be claiming damages from the New Zealand Government for their role in his arrest.

"Today, 6 years ago, the NZ Govt enabled the unlawful destruction of Megaupload and seizure of my global assets," he wrote.

"I was arrested for the alleged online piracy of my users. Not even a crime in NZ. My lawyers have served a multi billion dollar damages claim against the Govt today. "

He's previously used the anniversary of the raid to launch a cloud storage service, Mega, which has tens of millions of users. He no longer has any involvement in the site.