Kim Dotcom's legal fight: What are his chances?

  • 21/01/2018

Kim Dotcom would have more luck fighting our Government than its US counterpart, an international relations expert says.

But if it's money he's after, the internet mogul will be hoping for a win over the Americans.

Dotcom is going after both governments for billions in damages linked to his home being raided, and his arrest six years ago. His lawyer also wants to stop any extradition proceedings.

Auckland University international law expert Stephen Hoadley says he would have more luck getting a larger payout in the US.

"Extraordinary payouts are ordered by the court. The United States takes a very expensive view of what constitutes damages and compensation. New Zealand is much more constrained."

But he says the New Zealand justice system might view the situation more favourably, so his odds of winning could be better here.

"He is a permanent resident, and therefore he has every right to remain here unless he's extradited. The US system can destroy people quite easily, and sometimes quite wrongly."

Prof Hoadley says it's in the Government's best interests to take Dotcom seriously.

"I feel that he has been treated uncharacteristically roughly by the New Zealand Government, that is usually very reasonable, and by the police and the intelligence agencies. There will be some sympathy for him."

His plans to sue were revealed on the sixth anniversary of his Coatesville home being raided - and his wedding day.

Dotcom recently got back a number of personal items that had been kept in storage in Hong Kong following the 2012 raid. Photos he posted on Twitter show couches in a state of disrepair, including his favourite "gaming chair", and a destroyed video editing suite.