Kiwi among group accused of 'pornographic' dancing in Cambodia

A photo released by Cambodian authorities of those arrested.
No charges have yet been laid. Photo credit: file, Getty

Ten tourists, including a New Zealander, have been arrested in Cambodia for "pornographic" dancing.

But the group, which includes five Britons, say they're innocent - and aren't even in photographs the authorities released as evidence.

The Daily Mail reports the group were at a "villa party barbecue" on Thursday in Siem Reap, near the famous Angkor Wat temples, when police began plucking people out of the crowd.

"We're innocent. We don't know why we've been arrested - we're getting different stories from different people," one of the arrested Britons told the Mail.

Kiwi Paul Brasch, 32, is among those arrested, reports NZME, as are two Canadian women.

The photos allegedly show the group engaging in "pornographic" dancing. NZME reported they actually show a popular pub game, in which people pose in varying sexual positions.

No charges have yet been laid. One of the prisoners said they were being treated well at the police station.