Man refuses to pay fines, flips the bird to parking authority

  • 22/01/2018
Parking ticket
Parking ticket. Photo credit: Getty

A Christchurch man has refused to pay several $65 parking fines - instead, he sends photos of himself pulling the finger to the parking authority.

Mike Reimer says he has had half a dozen $65 parking tickets over the past two or three years.

He hasn't paid any of them and everytime he recieves a ticket, he has sent a picture of himself pulling the finger to Wilson Parking, he says.

"They have no authority [to order $65 parking fines]," he said.

"I've had at least six in the last couple of years, last two or three years."

Reimer said he didn't know how "successful" it was, sending a picture of him flipping the bird, but thought they got the message.

He said he had been threatened that debt collectors would come to collect the money.

Each time, he said, "I'll see you in court," and unless he was ordered to pay by a judge, he would not pay the money.

"It's bully-boy tactics... it's bluffing," he said.

He said it would be different if the council was issuing a fine, as they legally can.

Each time, he has been issued a Parking Enforcement Service ticket for overstaying in a park from the Riccarton Mall or SouthCity Mall.

The Parking Enforcement Services (PES) is a division of Wilson Carparking.

Wilson Carparking were contacted for comment, but were unable to respond on Monday.

Consumer NZ chief executive Sue Chetwin, previously told Stuff that the parking fees were "unreasonable".

"What Wilson do is they try and pretend that they have some authority to fine you if you overstay your parking."

That right is reserved for police or the council, so instead, Wilson issues "breach of contract" notice, with an "enforcement" fee to pay down the bottom.

The contract is from the company, stipulating that when you enter one of its parking lots, you agree to the contract set out in fine print.

Chetwin told Stuff that the cost of any breach notice had to be reasonable and people should always challenge them.

"Carparking companies have no legal authority to impose fines. If the parking costs $3 an hour, then it's unreasonable to be charged $65 for a being a few minutes late."