Man wiped off bike as he tries to tackle Auckland's flooded Tamaki Drive

  • 01/02/2018

A cyclist was one of a number of victims caught off guard by coastal inundation on Auckland's Tamaki Dr on Thursday morning.

The poor man was making his morning commute when he was swamped by a rogue wave, which knocked him off his bicycle and onto the street below.

As he attempted to get up again, another wave crashed on top off him, leaving him totally saturated.

Clearly embarrassed, and drenched from head to toe, the cyclist gave a little wave to The AM Show camera that captured the moment before walking his bike past the flooding.

Others ran towards the city in an attempt to evade the worst of the incoming king tide.

The street, one of the main roads in downtown Auckland, is popular with cyclists due to its bike lane stretching from Mission Bay to the CBD - but coastal flooding has made it difficult to traverse through.

Auckland Transport has advised motorists to avoid the road.