Meet Auckland's 'Bird Lady'

An Auckland bird care centre is facing an influx of injured baby petrels.

It's the season when the young seabirds take flight from their nests, but rather than heading out to sea, they're being distracted by the lights of the city and are landing on the shore.

Sylvia Durrant, known to locals simply as 'The Bird Lady' works tirelessly. She has kept birds' bellies full for around 30 years.

The 84-year-old nurses injured birds until they're ready to go back to the wild.

And right now, it's Petrels filling up her cages.

"It's like the teenager that drives the car for the first time and goes hoo-hah and takes off and gets himself into trouble and crashes," says Ms Durrant.

In the last week 25 Petrels have been dropped off at her North Shore home, it is also a bird care centre.

"Ones just come in now and it died before it got here, it's been out all day in the heat," she says.

Young petrels leave their nests on the cliffs to find food, but they're attracted to lights. If they land on flat ground they can't take off again.  

"They're made for swimming not for walking on ground."

Not all of the young petrels that are brought in make it but at least some now have a better chance to survive.