Mysterious falling fish lands on man's head in Auckland pool

  • 13/01/2018
Flounder falls from sky, hits man in head at Parnell Baths.
A typical flounder Photo credit: Getty file

A man was thoroughly surprised when a random fish reportedly fell from the sky and hit him in the head in Auckland on Saturday.

Russell Hogg was relaxing in a spa pool at Parnell Baths when he says a flounder knocked him on the head and sank to the bottom.

"I thought, what the f**k," he told Radio New Zealand, along with who he believed was responsible.

"It must have been a big bird... a heron or something, because a seagull couldn't hold a fish that big."

Mr Hogg is originally from the UK but has lived in Auckland for the past eight years.

He says he was sharing the spa with three women who all got a fright, too.

The flounder was later fed to some seagulls.