New Year partygoers 'well-behaved' this year - St John

Partygoers were well-behaved this year.
Partygoers were well-behaved this year. Photo credit: Getty

Safety messages appear to be getting through to New Year's revellers, with ambulance callouts down 9 percent on the night compared to last year.

Emergency services responded to 1100 over a 12-hour period starting from 5pm on New Year's Eve.

Tony Devanney from St John says the improvement on 2016 is heartening.

"Generally people were well-behaved. We were well-covered to cover all these incidents but it was a very busy night.

"The type of incidents we go to in that period is generally all alcohol-related with assaults, falls, cuts and sprains.

"Slightly less this year… [We] don't really know why, but it's good."

St John responded to around 2000 jobs over the 24-hour period.

However, Mr Devanney says there were still some situations where an ambulance wasn't necessary.

"They probably personally think the ambulance is needed but about 30 percent of our calls are either triage… or we end up going but don't transport them anyway."

The average job rate still tripled after midnight.