New Zealand's smuttiest place names revealed

Consider tackling Clit Route, or ascending Climax Peak.
Consider tackling Clit Route, or ascending Climax Peak. Photo credit: Getty

New Zealand might be the most beautiful place in the world - but we have some of the dirtiest place names.

A quick look on a map reveals our country is covered in rude words. They range from double entendres never intended by their namers, to some that are unmistakably raunchy.

If you're planning on tackling Mt Cook, you might want to consider taking Clit Route up the mountain.

In the same area is Ball Ridge - near Hooker Valley - while further down the country you can find Climax Peak.

Darkness Peak, Gloomy Gorge and The Furies Ridge aren't the most inviting place names, however the West Coast is also home to the Five Fingers Range, Snowball Saddle, and Mt Head.

One commenter explained how the naming system worked.

"Features such as peaks and ridges have more formal naming standards. Routes are not official and can pretty much be named however someone wants," they said.

"The more modern routes are some of the most difficult climbs, so have more modern names. 

While these sexual place names remain on the maps, several controversial place names in north Canterbury have been changed to be less offensive.

In 2016, Nigger Stream was changed to Pukio Stream, Niggerhead to Tawhai Hill, and Nigger Hill to Kanuka Hill.

Former Land Information Minister Lousie Upston said the names were offensive and needed to be changed.

"It is a word that is clearly offensive to most people today, so I am pleased to make this decision," she said.

"This isn't about rewriting history - it is and will remain a matter of public record that these three places used to carry different names."


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