Nothing wrong with Gun City ad urging parents to buy kids guns - watchdog

Gun City advert
The flyer turned up in Wellington letterboxes in December. Photo credit: Gun City

There was nothing wrong with a newspaper advertisement urging parents to buy a gun for their children, the Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has ruled.

The flyer for Gun City appeared in letterboxes in Wellington in early December.

"Great gift ideas to keep them active this summer," it read, with a picture of a man showing kids how to shoot. Text in the flyer said shooting was "safe and fun", and can be done by "people of any age" with proper supervision.

The complainant, E Diedrichs, said the ad "was blatant promotion of the use of guns to children", and the kids in the image looked "very young".

Text in the flyer. Gun City
Text in the flyer. Photo credit: Gun City

The ASA however disagreed, saying the advert was "aimed at adults and appeared in the Dominion Post newspaper which has a predominantly adult readership".

"The chair concluded the advertisement did not contain anything which lent support to unacceptable violent behaviour nor did it clearly offend against generally prevailing community standards."

Gun City owner David Tipple told the Sunday Star-Times in December he felt the ad was "thoroughly appropriate".

"I totally believe in educating your children in overcoming their fears."

The complaint was thrown out as there was no grounds to proceed.